Large Enterprises

Deworld has developed a unique and exclusive tailor made project for Large Enterprises. Unique because it is able to give a complete international consultancy service, that goes from internationalization, to marketing, to strategic and budgeting consultancy. Exclusive because we have built a devoted working team in order to better control the different activity areas. A high potential business project devoted and conceived for Large Enterprises that wish to expand towards clear and defined markets.


Deworld entrusts the survey of the Company to an Analyst, this one identifies the strength and criticality points, providing the Export Consultant with the guide lines that will address him towards the right strategy to follow.
Therefore, the Export Consultant appointed will develop an in-depth market analysis and, along with the client, will arrange an action plan.

The project embraces many areas of interest:


Greater efficiency in managing supplies and containment of raw material costs


Expansion of: customers'portfolio, sales and greater guarantee concerning payments

Purchases Area

Reliability assessment and implementation of suppliers'portfolio, constant monitoring on variation, alert system ( financial data, management changes, and so on )

Credit Area

Reliability assessment, constant monitoring of variation, risk control

Business Area

Strategic research of new customers in line with corporate demands, and opportunity identification on new market

Strategic marketing

Research of target companies, for acquisitions and comparison analysis between players

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